Vendedy Recaps on 2014 Haiti Pilot Launch

Vendedy Recaps on 2014 Haiti Pilot Launch

In September 2014, Vendedy went to Port au Prince, Haiti to initiate the first phase of the mobile bidding marketplace. The international team of volunteers traveled from Dubai, Croatia, New York, DC, Senegal and India to work in collaboration with local coordinators Daphnee Charles, Claudia Mortimer, Samantha Nader and the youth of Delmas. Partner organizations include J Reve International and The Sustainability Platform.

Planning and assignments for selecting 10 key street vendors out of the 50+ surveyed began on the first day.


We surveyed street artisans from three key locations: the Iron Market, Champ de Mars and Petionville. Tshirts and office support was provided by Digicel to promote their Tcho Tcho Mobile brand which is a mobile payment system for the unbanked. It would be our way of paying vendors once orders are placed on the network.



Each street vendor was asked several questions about their skill set, story and purpose for street vendors. We were trying to select street artisans only and retain a later opportunity for street art resellers.

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Word of our efforts spread quickly as we shared the Vendedy story with Ecole Supérieure D’Infotronique d’Haiti, Haiti’s leading tech hub for students, Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest micro finance organization and HELPR, an education exchange program for Haitian students.

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The 2 week pilot ended with a very successful amount of material needed to return for a beta launch in November with key partners. Stay tuned for more details!


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