Take the # Vendedy Challenge

2016 Launch: Vendedy connects global consumers to the best street food and street market products of the world! We are pleased to announce the first app release of the year where you can start contributing to this mission! Here’s how:

Take the #VendedyChallenge. To enter, create an account on the beta network and start contributing! There are thousands of street markets and millions of vendors that need to be exposed. If your local street market is not listed, upload a photo of the front entrance and input information about it so others can find it. You can also upload information about street vendors, bazaars, food trucks and more.  We tabulate the results at the end of the month and the user with the highest activity will win a $250 Gift Card. Winner will be announced on August 1st.

Contest Rules:

  1. Create an account on the beta network.

  2. Upload a minimum of 1 unlisted street market from your local community or global travels. All information fields must be complete. It will be verified for accuracy. Fake inputs will be disqualified.

  3. Engage w/ other users and content on the network. Like, Share, Vote on your favorites.

  4. Comment on other uploads with additional information about the listed market or share your shopping experience, tips, and recommendations.

Good luck!


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