110 Top Travel Hacks and Ways to Make Money Abroad

110 Top Travel Hacks and Ways to Make Money Abroad Today there are dozens of travel hack tips for global travelers. Instead of spending hours researching top travel sites for these tips, we did the work for you. Below is a list of the top curated budget travel hacks and money making schemes. Comment and[…]

26 Tips for Selling at Flea Markets: The Guide for Street Vendors

26 Tips for Selling at Flea Markets: The Guide for Street Vendors Like a yard sell, flea markets is a great opportunity to sell items you no longer use or items that you’ve created. The difference is, the foot traffic is higher and thus the opportunity to generate income is more secured. Furthermore, flea market[…]

35 Tips for Shopping at Street Markets

 35 Tips for Shopping at Street Markets, Flea Market Festivals, Bazaars and more!  We’ve curated 35 great tips from top sources at the Huffington Post. So before you go shopping, make sure you have this as your check list! Be Prepared – Before You Go!!! Google before you go.Occasionally, a flea market will post the[…]

Top 2015 Global Street Experiences

What will your story be? #Street Art #Street Food #Street Markets In November 2015, Vendedy launched a campaign to gage interest in street markets from global travelers. The response was overwhelming. The site received 334 photos of traveler interactions with street vendors within the first 48 hours. From Haiti to London to Morocco to Vietnam,[…]

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Shopping at Street Markets

Some of the best gifts and keepsake items are the products you purchase during your travels abroad. Local guidebooks usually recommend shopping at local malls or tourist friendly souvenir shops. Yet it is well known that the best products are located in local street markets. Unfortunately, street markets have a reputation for being chaotic, dangerous[…]

Vendedy’s Inaugural Year

A Year in Review:  July 2014-July 2015 2014 The Vendedy story has captured the hearts of thousands within the past year. Prior to incorporating in July 2014, the founder traveled to over 30 countries tracking the complexities of street markets and meeting with various street vendors because of the connection the personal project had to[…]

Vendedy- Finalist for She Knows Media Pitch

Vendedy- Finalist for She Knows Media Pitch   Pitch: “When we travel, we love the unique goods offered from the local street vendors. Vendedy is a digital platform that connects travelers to those fabulous vendors. Who doesn’t love shopping for what they want from the comfort of their hotel room? Vendedy makes it easy to access[…]