Vendedy Digital Street Market Tour Day

Ever wondered what it’s like to shop at local street markets around the world? Well, now you can. Vendedy is launching the first annual Street Market Digital Tour Day where travelers can take customized tours of the top street markets around the world. Each region will feature:   information on the top street markets top resources,[…]

Top 2015 Global Street Experiences

What will your story be? #Street Art #Street Food #Street Markets In November 2015, Vendedy launched a campaign to gage interest in street markets from global travelers. The response was overwhelming. The site received 334 photos of traveler interactions with street vendors within the first 48 hours. From Haiti to London to Morocco to Vietnam,[…]

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Shopping at Street Markets

Some of the best gifts and keepsake items are the products you purchase during your travels abroad. Local guidebooks usually recommend shopping at local malls or tourist friendly souvenir shops. Yet it is well known that the best products are located in local street markets. Unfortunately, street markets have a reputation for being chaotic, dangerous[…]

The Black Market is now the 2nd largest economy in the world

  The Black Market is now the 2nd largest economy in the world Prior to the financial market collapse of 2008, many economists focused on established capital markets to understand the flow of economic activity between people. Yet, in “2009 the OECD concluded that half the world’s workers (almost 1.8 billion people) were employed in[…]

Vendedy’s Inaugural Year

A Year in Review:  July 2014-July 2015 2014 The Vendedy story has captured the hearts of thousands within the past year. Prior to incorporating in July 2014, the founder traveled to over 30 countries tracking the complexities of street markets and meeting with various street vendors because of the connection the personal project had to[…]

Why Vendedy Matters

Company Mission: Vendedy is a network that connects travelers to local street art, street foods and street products. The company aims to digitize the $10 trillion dollar street economy that contains a market size of 2 billion street vendors and 1 billion tourists annually.     Company Background: The founder is the daughter of three generations of Haitian[…]