Top 2015 Global Street Experiences

What will your story be? #Street Art #Street Food #Street Markets In November 2015, Vendedy launched a campaign to gage interest in street markets from global travelers. The response was overwhelming. The site received 334 photos of traveler interactions with street vendors within the first 48 hours. From Haiti to London to Morocco to Vietnam,[…]

Top 5 Street Food Networks of December 2016

Vendedy-: Connecting Travelers to Street Markets From farmers markets to food trucks to food carts, we highlight amazing street food recommendations from creative foodie platforms and influencers every month. Our current network favorites for December 2016 are: 1. “Mark Wiens”  is a global traveler who eats street food from all over the world. He documents[…]

Why Vendedy Matters

Company Mission: Vendedy is a network that connects travelers to local street art, street foods and street products. The company aims to digitize the $10 trillion dollar street economy that contains a market size of 2 billion street vendors and 1 billion tourists annually.     Company Background: The founder is the daughter of three generations of Haitian[…]

Street Market Profile London

The Ultimate List of Top Street Markets of London, UK London, UK Street Market Count: 29                    Alexandra Palace Market Website: Telephone:+44 (0)1636 702 326 Schedule: Four times a year the International Antiques and Collectors Fair comes to Alexandra Palace for one of the UK’s largest antiques events. Check the website[…]