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Brazil Expedition Rio Street Art Tour 

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Info: Join us in a unique experience around the streets of Rio de Janeiro, a 4 hour tour visiting many artistic interventions with two knowledgeable local guidesWe stop at a favela, at the Botanical Garden and many other amazing places! The tour ends in an artistic gallery bar. From colorful murals to surrealistic stencils, from posters to incoherent scribbling, we are going to see the spectrum of art unfold before us: the beautiful, the terrible, and the plain strange. On this tour we will explore not only this precious and fleeting art, which only exists for a few moments, but also the personal life and style of the best carioca artists and the way the city was shaped through various sociopolitical forces. It’s an art tour and a city tour rolled into one!
Location:10:00 – We request you to meet us at a certain Metro Station confirmed by email. 14:00 – Tour finishes at Jeffery Bar in Leblon

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