Myanmar people are known for their rice noodle and fish soup

Submitted by: Megan Gieske, United States

#Street Experience Story

From my bumpy tuk-tuk in Yangon, Myanmar, where I was slated by Eastern fate to take a flight to Bagan that morning, I peered into the storefronts of the Scott Market advertising a dozen varieties of “Mohinga”—the Myanmar people are known for their rice noodle and fish soup and you can get some in many varieties: with sliced Chinese donuts, fried fritters, fish cake, boiled egg, fish cake, etc.
Myanmar women ladled steaming street soups at the market selling a vast variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, and I ate deep-fried doughnuts (pictured: actually a street food from India) along with skewers of beef and pork, grilled with spices at the meat-stalls along with my Monhinga.
It was morning, strings of Myanmar people passed, on scraping sandals, with short-quick steps, chattering, their oiled hair gleaming. They carry the soup cauldron on one side of their shoulder, the ingredients along with bowls and spoons hung from the pole as it rests on the other side.
One thing I suggest while traveling in Myanmar is do not disavow yourself of Myanmar’s national dish.

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